Bringing the basics back to block management

With various different Acts of Parliament dictating the manner in which residential blocks are to be managed, it sometimes seems the basics of property management have been forgotten. Parkfords Property Management is here to assist with the day to day running of residential blocks and essentially keeping the building in a good state of repair. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and it is a known fact in the property industry that poorly maintained communal areas such as passage ways and gardens can adversely affect a flats value by up to 10%. With average property prices now in excess of £500,000 in London, a poorly maintained block could result in costing a property seller over £50,000

Property Management

At Parkfords Property Management we believe in being selective in respects of what blocks we manage. We only take on blocks where we genuinely feel we can provide a positive effect and can assist both the freeholder and lessees. In an industry plagued with poorly run management providers, we stand firm that our service is second to none. Should we decide to take your block under management, you will discover a stress free service provided by real property people.


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